DAV Public School, Puri
Water Works Road, Puri, Odisha - 752002
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  1. The school fee covers 12 calendar months , which may be paid in monthly / quarterly instalments as per the school’s information. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged full fee as long as their names are officially on the rolls. Fee can be enhanced every year according to the inflation rate on the decision of the managing committee. Ordinarily, there shall be a hike of 15% every year as per DAV CMC rules except during the year of pay revision made by the Central Govt.
  2. All dues of the students should be cleared before any Examination falling which the students will not be allowed to appear the Examinations.
  3. Parents are requested to keep the receipt of payment safely for the whole session.
  4. In case a student leaves the school for such compulsion as transfer of parents or for health reason or in case of death of the student before completion of the session, he or she may claim for the pro data return of the tuition fee only.